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Plant Biology: Instant Notes (Free PDF)

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Plant science has always been a fundamental area of biology, but the emphasis in the subject has changed radically in the last two decades with a plethora of new information, much of it deriving from techniques in molecular biology. This has deepened our understanding of plant processes and has illuminated almost all aspects of plant biology. The ability to analyze genomes and to transfer genes has opened possibilities for plant biotechnology and genetic manipulation undreamed-of in earlier decades. There have been advances in ecological knowledge that, with increased awareness of the richness of biodiversity, have shed new light on the relationships between plants, other organisms and their interdependence. Plant breeders, ecologists and many people outside plant biology have become acutely conscious of the aesthetic and economic value of the resources, so often dwindling, of the plant kingdom.

In this book we have covered all these aspects of modern plant biology. We have written it keeping in mind an undergraduate faced with a range of advanced courses, needing an affordable text that gives insight into the whole range of plant science. Its scope and depth are suitable for a first and second year undergraduate student of plant biology; specialism will need an advanced text. We have also aimed it at molecular biologists and biotechnologists needing an accessible route to understanding the basis of the systems on which they work. It is intended to provide the fundamental background required for true understanding. It should aid undergraduates in their learning and give insight for specialists into areas of plant science not their own. As in all Instant Notes books we have provided ‘Key Notes’ at the start of each section. These are intended solely as revision notes, e.g. before an exam, to prompt a reader’s memory after reading the section fully. We have kept technical and jargon terms to the minimum needed for understanding; any such term is defined at first mention. We have assumed minimal previous knowledge of biology and hope that the book will prove useful to journalists, environmentalists and those with a genuine interest in the key issues of plant biology as they seek to be informed about the issues that they deal with.

Section A – Introduction
Section B – Structure
Section C – Vegetative anatomy
Section D – Reproductive anatomy
Section E – Physiology and regulation
Section F – Growth and development
Section G – Sensing and responding to the environment
Section H – Floral development and reproductive physiology'
Section I – Plants, water and mineral nutrition
Section J – Metabolism
Section K – Plant communities and populations
Section L – Reproductive ecology
Section M – Interactions between plants and other organisms
Section N – Human uses of plants
Section O – Plant genetic engineering and biotechnology
Section P – Plant diversity
Section Q – Spore-bearing vascular plants
Section R – Seed plants
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"D.E. Evans"

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