Thursday, May 23, 2019

Power Plant Rankine Cycle: Vapor Power Cycle (Handwritten Notes)

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Content Covered:-
1. Selection of a Power Plant
2. Specific Steam Consumption (SSC)
3. Significance of (SSC)
4. Work Ration
5. Carnot Vapour Power Cycle
6. Ranking Cycle
7. Analysis of the Cycle
8. Reason for Higher Efficiency of Carnot Cycle Compare to Ranking Cycle
9. Comparison Between Rankine and Carnot Cycle
10. Methods of Improving the performance of Simple Rankine Cycle
11. Effect of Reheating
12. Effects of Regeneration
13. Need of Condense in Steam Power Plants

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  1. the notes deleted
    may you give me another link to download it

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