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Pre-calculus 12 Implementation Draft March 2016

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Mathematics curriculum is shaped by a vision that fosters the development of mathematically literate students who can extend and apply their learning and who are effective participants in society. It is essential that the mathematics curriculum reflect current research in mathematics instruction. To achieve this goal, Western and Northern Canadian Protocol’s (WNCP) The Common Curriculum Framework for Grades 10–12 Mathematics (2008) has been adopted as the basis for the new mathematics curriculum in Nova Scotia.

This document provides sets of outcomes and performance indicators to be used as a mandated common base for defining mathematics curriculum expectations. This common base should result in consistent student outcomes in mathematics within the province of Nova Scotia. It should also enable easier transfer for students moving within the province or from any jurisdiction that has adopted the WNCP framework. This document is intended to clearly communicate to all education partners across the province the high expectations for students’ mathematical learning.

1. Introduction
2. Program Design and Components
3. Outcomes
4. Contexts for Learning and Teaching
5. Units
6. References

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