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Prepositional Clusters: Investigative-Oriented Learning and English Language Teaching

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This thesis attempts to do three things. Firstly, it attempts to bring a new contribution to knowledge about fixed idiomatic expressions in English, by demonstrating that the overall meaning of such expressions need not always be conveyed by the presence of lexical words. Linguistic observation of natural and authentic language use has shown the existence of fixed idiomatic expressions consisting solely of grammatical words and possessing a particular overall meaning. Some of these expressions commonly found in everyday informal communication (written and spoken) are "this and/or that", "either or ", "round and round ", "ups and downs ", "on and off', etc.

Chapter 0: General Fields of Study, Points of Focus and Definitions
Chapter 1: Preliminary Setting and Reviews
Chapter 2: Hypothesis and Sample Analyses
Chapter 3: Patterning and Metaphorical Relationships in Prepositional Clusters
Chapter 4: Semantic Representation of Prepositional Cluster Patterns
Chapter 5: Conscious Investigation and Investigative-Oriented Learning in English Language Teaching
Chapter 6: Researching the IOL approach in an EFL classroom
Chapter 7: Future Applications of the Present Study

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"Melinda Mui Leng Tan"

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