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Quantum Physics (UCSD Physics 130) (Free PDF)

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These notes represent an experiment in the use of information technology in teaching an advanced undergraduate physics course, Quantum Physics at UCSD. The experiment has several goals.

• To make all the class material including a complete set of lecture notes available to students on the World-Wide Web.
• To make use of some simple multimedia technology to enhance the class notes as a learning tool compared to a conventional textbook.
• To present a complex subject to students in several different ways so that each student can use the learning techniques best suited to that individual.
• To get some experience with the use of multimedia technologies in teaching advanced courses.
• To produce coursematerial that might be appropriate for distance learning or self-paced courses in the future.

The current set of notes covers a 3 quarter course at UCSD, from the beginning of Quantum Mechanics to the quantization of the electromagnetic field and the Dirac equation. The notes for the last quarter should be considered to be a first draft.

At this time, the experiment is in progress. One quarter is not sufficient to optimize the course material. While a complete set of html based notes has been produced, only limited additional audio and visual material is now available.

It is my personal teaching experience that upper division physics students learn in different ways. Many physics students get very little more than an introduction to the material out of the lecture and prefer to learn from the textbook and homework. Some students claim they cannot learn from the textbook and rely on lectures to get their basic understanding. Some prefer a rather verbose exposition of the material in the text, while others prefer a concise discussion largely based on equations. Modern media have conditioned the students of today in a way that is often detrimental to learning complex subjects from either a lecture or a textbook.

1. Course Summary
2. The Problems with Classical Physics
3. Diffraction
4. The Solution: Probability Amplitudes
5. Wave Packets
6. Operators
7. The Schr¨odinger Equation
8. Eigenfunctions, Eigenvalues and Vector Spaces
9. One Dimensional Potentials
10. Harmonic Oscillator Solution using Operators
11. More Fun with Operators
12. Extending QM to Two Particles and Three Dimensions
13. 3D Problems Separable in Cartesian Coordinates
14. Angular Momentum
15. The Radial Equation and Constant Potentials
16. Hydrogen
17. 3D Symmetric HO in Spherical Coordinates * 243
18. Operators Matrices and Spin
19. Homework Problems 130A
20. Electrons in an Electromagnetic Field
21. Addition of Angular Momentum
22. Time Independent Perturbation Theory
23. Fine Structure in Hydrogen
24. Hyperfine Structure
25. The Helium Atom
26. Atomic Physics
27. Molecular Physics
28. Time Dependent Perturbation Theory
29. Radiation in Atoms
30. Scattering
31. Classical Scalar Fields
32. Classical Maxwell Fields
33. Quantum Theory of Radiation
34. Scattering of Photons
35. Electron Self Energy Corrections
36. Dirac Equation
37. Formulas

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