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Small Engines and Boilers (Free PDF)

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The intention of the author in writing this work has been to furnish specific directions and correct dimensioned plans for small engines and boilers, used either for pleasure or power purposes, in lieu of sketches and gossip about such machines. It has been assumed that those who need a guide of this kind have some acquaintance with ordinary machine work, and the usual facilities for it, if even but a small lathe and a vice-bench ; with this Outfit a great deal may be done.

CHAPTER I. Introductory; Illustration of Vertical Engine
CHAPTER II. Drawings. Example of Skeleton Drawing. Explanation of Methods used to design engines
CHAPTER III. Plans for Vertical Engine of 3" by 4" Cylinder. Illustration of Small Vertical Engine of f" Cylinder by 1" Stroke; View of Horizontal Engine
CHAPTER IV. Discursive as to Ways and Means of doing Work ; the Best Tools for the Purpose and Methods employed by Practical Men to produce Certain Results
CHAPTER V. Engine Details. Figured Plans for Various Members of Launch Engine 3" by 4". Concise Directions for Completing Each Part in Full
CHAPTER VI. Further Details. Discussion of Ways and Means, and the Fitting-up of Cross-head, Connecting-rod, Crank-disk, and Eccentrics
CHAPTER VII. The Link Motion and How to Construct it. Remarks upon its Functions and Operation. Reverse Gear and Piston Construction
CHAPTER VIII. The Bed-plate Illustrated and Remarks upon the Neces-sity of Accurate Execution of Certain Portions of the Engine
CHAPTER IX. Plans for Valve-stem, Stuffing-box, and Connecting-rod. Careful Fitting of Certain Details enjoined. Return Crank Valve Motion
CHAPTER X. The Horizontal Engine and How to Build it. Full Figured Dimensions of the Principal Details with Instructions How to execute Them. Consideration of the Eccentric, Bed-plate, Pillow-block, Connecting-rod, and Cross-head
CHAPTER XL. Setting Eccentrics. Detailed Explanation of the Process. The Link Motion continued and discussed in Fuller Detail. Various Kinds of Machine Finish, Soldering, and Brazing
CHAPTER XII. Discussion of Boilers and Figured Plans for Small Powers. Vertical Boilers of One-horse Power. Rule for Bursting-pressure of Boiler-shells; Tubes and Heating Surfaces ; Water-tube Boilers

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