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Talk a Lot: Spoken English Course (Elementary Book 3)

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The main benefits of Talk a Lot are:
• Students have to think in English during lessons in a controlled and focused way
• Students learn how to memorise correct English structures naturally, without abstract and unrelated grammar lessons
• Students learn how to construct eight different common verb forms, using positive, negative, and question forms, as well as embedded grammar appropriate to their level. The verb forms studied are: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple, Past Continuous, Present Perfect, Modal Verbs, Future Forms, and First Conditional
• Students learn 400+ essential vocabulary words by heart
• Students enjoy following a simple and effective method that produces results quickly
• Teachers have a pool of interesting and stimulating materials to draw from, including innovative activities that students may never have never tried before

In addition to trialling the materials with my own classes over the past twelve months, it has been a pleasure to use the activities to teach online, with classes of up to fifty people from different continents all online at the same time! I’ve also been very encouraged in my work by emails and messages from teachers and students who are using the Talk a Lot materials in their classes. Many thanks to everybody for your feedback. To date, more than a quarter of a million copies of Talk a Lot books have been downloaded from the internet since May 2008, which means that potentially millions of students will have been given photocopied or printed Talk a Lot materials! As a teacher, I know that the lesson materials work very well in my classes. They help me to bring variety to my students and to plan lessons that aren’t boring or too “bitty” (with lots of very short activities all jumbled together), but that let each learner explore the sounds of English and discover their English voice.

Unit 1: Learning English
Unit 2: Films
Unit 3: Hospital
Unit 4: Books
Unit 5: Airport
Unit 6: Money
Unit 7: Places in the UK
Unit 8: Politics
Unit 9: Internet
Unit 10: Australia
* Verb Forms Practice
* End of Course Oral Examination
* Blank Certificate Templates
* Sentence Block Verbs from Elementary Book 3
* Discussion Words from Elementary Book 3
* The 48 Sounds of English with the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

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"Matt Purland"

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