Friday, May 10, 2019

Teaching English for Specific Purposes

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A significant aspect of language instruction at a tertiary level is learning English for a given purpose, with the specific aims of getting to know specialized vocabulary, enlarging one's knowledge of the subject matter by reading in English and being able to use the language in the prospective profession or study areas by becoming prepared for some common situations such as carrying out higher level studies, going for an interview or conducting professional correspondence. Finally, students would like to become proficient enough to do research for their B.A./B.S, M.A./M.S and PhD theses, so they must ideally be able to find and evaluate English language sources, read and understand articles and books, translate, examine, and produce. As can be seen, with such a wide array of needs and relatively little amount of language instruction, the teacher must be tactful in choosing contents, materials, methods, and mode of work, to motivate students to work on their own and showing them effective ways of looking for information.

2. EAP Administration
3. The objectives of the study
4. Research questions
5. Subjects
6. Instrumentation
7. Procedure
8. Results and discussion of the findingsCurrent EAP Program and the students' needs
9. Needs analysis data
10. Methodological issues in IAP teaching
11. Implications of the findings
12. Summary and conclusions

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