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TEACHING & LEARNING ENGLISH (Theories and Practices)

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It has been recognized that generally when we are involved in a conversation, we are cooperating with each other. In other words, when a listener hears an expression, he or she first has to assume that the speaker is being cooperative and intend to communicate something. However, in many occasion in conversation, speaker intend to communicate more than is said. It is an additional meaning or that something more than what the words means called an implicature (Yule, 1996).

Conversational implicatures have become one of the principal subjects of pragmatics. According to Levinson (1983:97), the notion of conversational implicature is one of the single most important ideas in pragmatics. An implicature is something meant, implied, or suggested distinct from what is said. Implicatures can be part of sentence meaning or dependent on conversational context, and can be conventional or unconventional. Grice, who coined the term “implicature,” and classified the phenomenon, developed an influential theory to explain and predict conversational implicatures, and describe how they are understood. The “Cooperative Principle” and associated “Maxims” play a central role. Many authors have focused on principles of politeness and communicative efficiency. Questions have been raised as to how well these principle-based theories account for the intentionality of speaker implicature and conventionality of sentence implicature.

1. Content 
2. A Pragmatic Analysis of the Conversational Implicatures
3. Speaking Activities Implemented by Teachers in Classroom
4. Teaching English to Children
5. Pembelajaran dengan Menggunakan Media Komputer
6. Applying Contextual Instruction to involve Students with The Natural Way of Learning English
7. Students Age which EFL is Introduced in School and Educational Outcome
8. Which Students Join Whom?
9. You are Intellectuall? Write!
10. A Critical Review of “Pokoknya Sunda”
11. English Sentences 58
12. “Radio” The Innovation of Technology in Education
13. Ten Good Game for Recycling Vocabulary
14. The Effect of Explicit Metapragmatic Instruction on Speech Act Awareness of Advanced EFL Students
15. Students’ Vocabulary Learning Strategies
16. Encouraging Questioning In English Reading Comprehension
17. For The Second Year Students Of Man Model Manado
18. Analyzing Total Educational Program
19. The Unique of Children
20. Teachers’ Strategies in Teaching Reading Comprehension
21. Sequence and Comment on The Story for Young Learners
22. First Sound in Child Language

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