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The Java Programming Language, (4th Edition)

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This book teaches the Java programming language to people who are familiar with basic programming concepts. It explains the language without being arduously formal or complete. This book is not an introduction to object-oriented programming, although some issues are covered to establish a common terminology. Other books in this series and much online documentation focus on applets, graphical interfaces, Web sites, databases, components, and other specific kinds of programming tasks. For other references, see "Further Reading" on page 755.

This fourth edition provides integrated coverage of the Java programming language as provided by the Java 2 Platform Standard Edition 5.0 and specified by the Java™ Language Specification, Third Edition. It also covers most of the classes in the main packages (java.lang, java.util, as implemented in the J2SE Development Kit 5.0 (more commonly known as JDK 5.0, or in the older nomenclature JDK 1.5.0).

If you have already read the third edition of this book, you will find some major changes, both in the language and the book, since the 1.3 release that the third edition covered. There are new chapters on generics, enums, and annotationsthe major new language features introduced in the 5.0 releaseand major new sections on assertions and regular expressions. Some existing material has been restructured to accommodate other changes and to improve the general flow of the textsuch as introducing the new boxing and unboxing conversions. But every single chapter has been updated in some way, whether it is a new language feature like variable argument methods; the new enhanced for loop construct; a new class such as Formatter for formatting text output; or changes to classes and methods caused by the addition of generics (such as the collections utilities and the reflection classes)change permeates this entire fourth edition.

The Java Series
About This Book
Examples and Documentation
Acknowledgments (Fourth Edition)
Acknowledgments (Third Edition)
Acknowledgments (Second Edition)
Acknowledgments (First Edition)
Chapter 1. A Quick Tour Section
Chapter 2. Classes and Objects Section
Chapter 3. Extending Classes Section
Chapter 4. Interfaces Section
Chapter 5. Nested Classes and Interfaces Section
Chapter 6. Enumeration Types Section
Chapter 7. Tokens, Values, and Variables Section
Chapter 8. Primitives as Types Section
Chapter 9. Operators and Expressions Section
Chapter 10. Control Flow Section
Chapter 11. Generic Types Section
Chapter 12. Exceptions and Assertions Section
Chapter 13. Strings and Regular Expressions Section
Chapter 15. Annotations Section
Chapter 16. Reflection Section
Chapter 17. Garbage Collection and Memory Section
Chapter 18. Packages Section
Chapter 19. Documentation Comments Section
Chapter 20. The I/O Package Section
Chapter 21. Collections Section
Chapter 22. Miscellaneous Utilities Section
Chapter 23. System Programming
Chapter 24. Internationalization and Localization Section
Chapter 25. Standard Packages Section
Appendix A. Application Evolution Section
Appendix B. Useful Tables Further Reading

Author Details
"Ken Arnold"

"James Gosling"

"David Holmes"

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