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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Theory of Machine: Mechanism (Handwritten Notes)

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Content Covered:-
1. Mobility Analysis
2. Elements of a Mechanism
3. Classification of Kinematic pair
4. Three Point Contact
5. Wrapping pair
6. Kinematic Pair in 2D
7. Mobility of Mechanism
8. Kutzbach Criterion for Mobility
9. Nature Of Relative Motion b/w 2 links
10. Inversions of a Mechanism
11. Inversion of 4 - bar mechanism
12. Inversion of Type- 1 Grashof Linkage
13. Inversion of non Grashof
14. Groshof Criteria for Slider - Crank chain
15. Transmission angle
16. Transmission angle for double racker
17. Mechanical Advantage of Slider crank Mechanism
18. Example: Mobility analysis

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