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Training Guidelines in Non-destructive Testing Techniques: 2008 Edition

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This publication contains a body of knowledge for non-destructive testing. It was developed to provide guidelines for trainers, training organizations and certification bodies, detailing the subject matter and the content for each level of certification. It is general in nature but the contents of the training should be adapted to the needs, procedures, materials and products of the customer. The recommended training hours are consistent with the edition of the standard ISO 9712 in effect at the time of preparation.

All formal training described in this publication contains a theoretical portion and a practical portion. Guidance is included on the range of equipment and materials needed for instruction in each method.

There is a common core of material that is required by level 3 personnel in every method. This common material has been removed from the content for the particular method and included as a separate section.

1. Introduction
2. Guideline for organizing training including advanced methods
I. General knowledge common core course for level 3
II. Inspection method: Radiographic testing
III. Inspection method: Ultrasonic testing
IV. Inspection method: Magnetic particle testing
V. Inspection method: Liquid penetrant testing
VI. Inspection method: Eddy current testing
Appendix A: Practical workshops
Appendix B: Advanced methods
Appendix C: Training equipment
Contributors to drafting and review

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