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Unit IGC3: International Health and Safety Practical Applications

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The Primary Objective of this part of the Course is to help to prepare you for the NEBOSH International Certificate Unit IGC3: International Health and Safety practical Application. if you work Systematically and carefully through the course material, we have every confidence tat you will be successful in Passing.

You have been provided with one Tutor-Assessed Assignment in your Tutor-Assessed Assignment Pack, Which acts as a mock practical Assessment for IGC3.

We have not provided suggested Answers for this Tutor-Assessed Assignment, as this will be entirely dependent upon environment.

1. Introduction
2. The Practical Application
3. Principal Features of a Safety Inspection
4. Competing the practical Application Report Form
5. The Report To Management
Appendix A. Practical Application marking Sheet
Appendix B. Sample Practical Application Report Form
Appendix C. Example of a Completed Practical Application Report Form
Appendix D. Example of a Completed Report To management

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