Saturday, June 29, 2019

Above Ground Pipeline Design (Free PDF)

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Application engineering involves designing a fiberglass piping system to ensure the successful installation. It considers the specific service conditions, thorough engineering analysis, and selection of the specific fiberglass piping system to meet the service conditions. The total process involves the application of engineering skills and product knowledge to achieve the desired overall performance.

1.0 Introduction.
1.1 Thermal expansion design
1.2 Thermal end loads
1.3 Guide spacing.
1.4 Expansion joint design
1.5 Expansion loops
1.6 Directional changes
1.7 Supports, anchors and guides
1.8 Bending.
1.9 Thermal conductivity
1.10 Heat tracing
1.11 Limitations
1.12 Vacuum or external pressure

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