Wednesday, June 12, 2019

ADCO Drilling Manual (Volume-1): Free PDF

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There are other manuals within the ADCO’s management system that have to be considered when planning and designing wells and during the operational phase. These other manuals are listed below:

• Health, Safety and Environment Management System (HSEMS)
• Emergency Response Documentation (Procedure Manual 10/2)
• Coiled Tubing Manual
• Production Engineering Operations Standard Procedures Manual
• Drilling HSE Plan
• Wellbore Positioning Manual (WPM)
• Blowout Contingency Plan (BOCP)
• Materials Standards for Drilling Equipment
• Generic Well Program (GWP)
• Drilling Progra

All Drilling personnel must make themselves familiar with ALL of the above manuals / documents and ensure that drilling programs do not conflict with them.

There are three basic levels of manuals that are related to drilling management and operations. The positions of these manuals are outlined below:

Chapter-1: Policies
Chapter-2: Drilling Operations Guidelines
Chapter-3: Well Control
Chapter-4: Drilling Optimization
Chapter-5: Mud Guidelines
Chapter-6: Casing and Cementing

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