Thursday, June 13, 2019

Applied Drilling Engineering (Free PDF)

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An industry and academic standard, Applied Drilling Engineering presents engineering science fundamentals as well as examples of engineering applications involving those fundamentals. Two appendices are included, along with numerous examples. Answers are included for every end-of-chapter question.

Rotary drilling
1- Drilling fluids
2- Cements
3- Drilling hydraulics
4- Rotary drilling bits
5- Formation pore pressure and fracture resistance
6- Casing design
7- Directional drilling and deviation control
8- Appendix A: Development of equations for non-Newtonian liquids in a rotational viscometer
9- Appendix B: Development of slot flow approximations for annular flow for non-Newtonian fluids.
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"A.T. Bourgoyne Jr"

"K.K. Millheim"

"M.E. Chenevert"

"F.S. Young Jr."

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