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ASME B16.11-2005: Forged Fittings, Socket-Welding and Threaded

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The Sectional Committee on the Standardization of Pipe Flanges and Fittings, B16, organized in 1920 under the procedure of the American Standards Association (ASA) appointed a subgroup of Subcommittee 3 (now Subcommittee F) to initiate the standardization of welding fittings in May 1937. The first meeting of this group was held later that month, and at its meeting in December 1938, in New York, it was agreed to undertake the standardization of dimensions of socket-welding fittings and to refer this project to a new drafting subgroup. One of the most important dimensions of this type of fitting requiring standardization was considered to be the dimension from the centerline of the fitting to the bottom of the socket, since from the standpoint of the designing engineer, this dimension governs the location of adjacent pipe with reference to the entire piping layout. Another important item for consideration was the welding fillet dimensions.

The drafting subgroup held meetings in Chicago, Detroit, and New York in March 1939, and May and October 1940, respectively, and at the last named meeting, the completed draft of the proposed standard was discussed, and further revisions were suggested. When applied to the September 1940 draft, these changes produced the May 1941 draft, which was prepared for distribution to industry for criticism and comment.

This distribution resulted in a number of helpful comments. The members of the subgroup agreed by mail that many of the changes suggested should be incorporated in the revised draft (December 1941). Progress on the approval of the standard was delayed by the war, after which, a few more changes were added to make the proposal acceptable to all concerned. The revised draft (April 1946) was then submitted to the members of the sectional committee for letter ballot vote.

Committee Roster
Correspondence With the B16 Committee
1. Scope
2. Pressure Ratings
3. Size and Type
4. Marking
5. Material
6. Dimensions
7. Tolerances
8. Testing

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