Saturday, June 29, 2019

ASME B31.3 Interpretations (Volume-22)

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It has been agreed to publish interpretations issued by the B31 Committee concerning B31.3 as part of the update service to the Code. The interpretations have been assigned numbers in chronological order. Each interpretation applies to the Edition stated in the interpretation, or if none is stated, to the Edition in effect on the date of issuance of the interpretation. Subsequent revisions to the Code may have superseded the reply.

These replies are taken verbatim from the original letters, except for a few typographical and editorial corrections made for the purpose of improved clarity. In some instances, a review of the interpretation revealed a need for corrections of a technical nature. In these cases, a revised reply bearing the original interpretation number with the suffix R is presented. In the case where an interpretation is corrected by errata, the original interpretation number with the suffix E is used. ASME procedures provide for reconsideration of these interpretations when or if additional information is available which the inquirer believes might affect the interpretation. Further, persons aggrieved by an interpretation may appeal to the cognizant ASME committee or subcommittee. As stated in the Statement of Policy in the Code documents, ASME does not "approve," "certify," "rate," or "endorse" any item, construction, proprietary device, or activity.

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