Friday, June 21, 2019

Bioinformatics and Systems Biology: Collaborative Research and Resources

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This textbook on collaborative research in bioinformatics and systems biology, which are key elements of modern biology and health research, highlights and provides access to many of the methods, environments, results and resources involved, including integral laboratory data generation and experimentation and clinical activities. Collaborative projects embody a research paradigm that connects many of the top scientists, institutions, their resources and research across Europe and the world, resulting in world-class contributions to bioinformatics and systems biology.

1. Introduction
Part I: Fundamental Collaborative Research and Computational Biology
2. Bioinformatics
3. Systems Biology
4. Developmental Biology and Ageing
Part II: Resources Supporting Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Research
5. Databases, Computational Tools and Services
6. Supporting Infrastructures
Part III: Disease-Related Collaborative Research and Computational Biology
7. Infectious and Major Diseases
8. Cancer
9. Genetic Variation and Diseases
Part IV: Science Management, Perspectives and Conclusions
10. Science Management
11. Perspectives
12. Outstanding Results and Conclusions

Author Details
"Frederick B. Marcus"

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