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Boiler Operation Engineering Questions and Answers (2nd Edition)

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Thanks to the reviewer nominated by the editorial board of the POWER magazine (McGraw-Hill, Inc., NY 10011, USA) for reviewing the first edition of the book: Boiler Operation Engineering: Questions and Answers. Based on his valuable suggestions, I have incorporated a number of 'addendums' in this second edition of the book and the obsolete portions have been deleted.

The book has been expanded to accommodate six more chapters:
• Upgrading PC-Fired Boilers
• Low NOx Burners
• Emissions Control
• Cooling Water Treatment and Cooling Towers
• Reverse Osmosis
• NDE and Condition Monitoring

There have been addendums to almost all chapters. The important ones are latest plant operation data, illustrations and photographs on Fluidized Bed Boilers, Fluidized Bed Boiler Design, Steam Turbines, Water Treatment and Demineralization, Ion-Exchange Resins, Cooling Tower Designs, LNBs, CASE STUDIES and many others.

Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition
1. Boilers
2. High Pressure Boilers
3. Boiler Auxiliaries
4. Boiler Mountings and Accessories
5. Boiler Operation Inspection and Maintenance
6. Boiler Calculations
7. Draught
8. Primary Fuels
9. Principles of Combustion
10. The Chemistry of Combustion
11. Coal Pulverization
12. Pulverized Coal Fired Furnaces
13. Upgrading PC-Fired Boilers
14. Fuel Oil and Gas Fired Furnaces
15. Low NOx Burners
16. Emissions Control
17. Dust Collection
18. Ash Handling System
19. Carryover, Scale and Sludge
20. Steam Contamination and Its Control
21. Prevention of Deposit Formation in Boiler Units
22. Characteristics of Steam-water Flow
23. Temperature Conditions and Heat Transfer
24. Hydrodynamics of Closed Hydraulic System
25. Deaeration and Deoxygenation
26. Cooling Water Treatment and Cooling Towers
27. Water Treatment and Demineralization
28. Reverse Osmosis
29. Scaling of Fireside of Heating Surfaces
30. Corrosion of Waterside Heating Surfaces
31. Corrosion of Fireside Heating Surfaces
32. Evaporators
33. Superheaters
34. Economizers and Air Heaters·
35. Steam Condensers
36. Steam Turbines
37. Cycles for Steam Power Plants
38. Boiler Design
39. Nuclear Steam Generators
40. Energy from Waste
41. NDE and Condition Monitoring

Author Details
"P Chattopadhyay"
Senior Process Engineer
HFC (Haldia Division), Haldia
West Bengal

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