Tuesday, June 25, 2019

CADWorx 2016 Quick Start Lesson Guide R2

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1. Introduction
2. The CADWorx Ribbon
3. Starting CADWorx and Selecting a Configuration
4. Selecting the Project and Specifications
5. Setting the Main and Reduced Sizes
6. The Standard Layers and the Piping Rules
1. Setting the Piping Rules and the Spec View Tool Palette
2. Displaying Reducing Fittings
3. Displaying Threaded and Socket Weld Fittings
4. Accessing Threaded, Buttweld, and Socket Weld Pipe
5. Real-Time Pipe Routing and Entering Distances
6. Connecting Two Lines
7. Using the Branch Table, Changing the Size Rule
8. How the Size Rule Affects Branches
9. Changing the End Type Rule
10. Options in Using the End Type Rule
1. How the Size and End Type Rule Affect In-Line Components
2. Accurately Placing Components Using the Component Distance Option
3. Moving In-Line Components Using Grips
4. Using the Stretch Command to Modify CADWorx Geometry
5. Using the Plus Grip to Start a New Branch Off an Elbow
6. Using the Component List Option for Faster Modeling
7. Viewing the Line in 3D
8. Real-Time 3D Routing
9. Additional Training Options

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