Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Calculation Application for Thermodynamic Properties of Piping Systems

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District heating is an efficient method of thermal energy distribution. It is a popular and a safe way to outsource heating management, and it is widely used in Finland.

This thesis is based on the project given by Uponor Infra Oy, a Finnish company in piping infrastructure manufacturing. Objectives of the project were to develop a newer pipe dimensioning application that calculates thermodynamic properties of the piping systems. The methods used were the compilation of the formulas and calculating rules (1st part of the project, covered by Mr. Tamas Salamon) and development of an application with research of district heating and cooling (2nd part of the project, current thesis). The results indicate that the application is able to perform assigned calculations, however, for the implementation in real life systems it requires in-deep tests and comparison with the current industrial solutions. The results are also indicating that a few functions of the application require an improvement in the future.

1. Introduction
2. Company
3. Heat transfer in piping systems
4. District heating
5. District cooling
6. Pre-insulated pipe
7. Development of a Calculation Application
8. The Pipe Thermodynamic Calculations Application
9. Calculation examples
10. Analysis and discussion
11. Conclusion
12. References

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"Bauyrzhan Aitkaliyev"

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