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CASTI Guidebook Series (Volume-4) ASME Section VIII Div. 1 Pressure Vessels (2nd Edition)

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The American Society for Mechanical Engineers present their Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code with limited explanation and equally frugal examples. Users of the Code who do not have an extensive scientific or engineering knowledge may question the rules of the Code and not appreciate their minimalist nature. Consequently, the philosophy of the Code is lost to many users. As practicing engineers, we understand the need for brief precision and therefore do not find fault with the format of the Code. It is our wish that by writing this book, a broader appreciation for the philosophy of the Code will be achieved.

In this book we do not attempt to put forward new ideas and concepts, but rather to explain well established engineering practice that perhaps, because of its fundamental nature, is overlooked by many Code users. That this occurs is evident in some of the questions posed for Interpretations. If this book prevents only one instance of the Code being circumvented, and the safety of a pressure component being compromised, then our efforts have been worthwhile.

1. Introduction
2. Scope
3. Design Considerations
4. Fabrication
5. Special Fabrication Techni
6. Materials
6. Materials (continued)
7. Cylindrical and Spherical Parts Subjected to Internal and External Pressure
8. Heads and Transition Sections
9. Opening and Reinforcements
10. Appendix 2 – Rules for bolted flange connections with ring type gaskets
11. Quality Control
Appendix 1: Terms and Abbreviations
Appendix 2: Quality Control Manual
Appendix 3: Design Methods not Given in Division 1
Appendix 4: Applications of Section VIII, Division 1 to
Operating Pressure Vessels
Appendix 5: Engineering Data
Subject Index
Code Paragraph Index

Author Details
"Will J. Carter, Ph.D., P.E."

"Bruce E. Ball, Ph.D., P.Eng."

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