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Composite Highway Bridge Design (Free PDF)

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This Publication provides guidance on the design of composite highway bridge which take the form of a reinforced concrete slab on top of steel girders. It describes two common forms of construction: one using multiple parallel girders and the other using twin main girders with regularly spaced cross girders - the so-called ladder deck form of construction. It gives general advice on initial design.

Guidance is given on detailed design in accordance with the Eurocodes. The application of the principles and the rules in the relevant parts of the Eurocodes is explained, with comprehensive references to the clauses in those Standards. The Detailed design of components and Connections, in terms of both Strenght and best practice for construction and durability is discussed. Forms of integral abutment are described and their implications on the design of the superstructure are mentioned. Non-Contradictory complementary information (to be used in conjunction with Eurocode rules) for determining the slenderness of the bare steel beams during construction is given in an Appendix.

1. Introduction
2. Structural Configuration
3. Initial Design
4. Design Standards
5. Calculation of Action Effects
6. Detailed Design: In-Service Stage
7. Detailed Design: Construction Stage
8. Detailed Design: Components and Connections
9. Detailed Design: Integral Abutments
10. References
Appendix A. List of Eurocode Parts
Appendix B. Initial Sizing of Main Girders
Appendix. Non-Dimensional Slenderness
Appendix D. Steel Bridge Group

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