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Compressor Performance Aerodynamic For The User (2nd Edition))

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This text has been designed to be used primarily by equipment users, as a guide in selecting, monitoring, and enhancing the aerodynamic performance of various types of compressors. Some basic theory is included as an aid in helping field personnel to better understand the aerodynamics of compressors so that performance enhancements and trouble resolution can be more readily realized. As much as possible, I have attempted to stick to the "business end" of the applicable aerodynamic principles.

This book is the result of various books, articles, notes, seminars, and personal experience that I have collected over the years working in the field of compressor aerodynamics. As it is such a "collection," references have been used extensively as noted.

The concepts and procedures presented in the following pages, while generally in line with EUiott Company Policy and Industry Standards, include opinions belonging solely to me. Conforming to guidelines in this text therefore does not mean compliance with Elliott Company, API, or other industry standards. The methods presented are meant to be guidelines used for day-to-day performance trending or as the first step in selection, trouble-shooting, or retrofitting equipment. For potential wawanty cases, customer and vendor must agree on a specific test procedure before proceeding. For an "out of warranty" problem the field engineer is best advised to get some help from the equipment manufacturer, after some initial analysis is completed.

Part. I: Theory
Chapter. 1: Introduction to Aerodynamics
Chapter. 2: Thermodynamics
Chapter. 3: Aerodynamic Components
Chapter. 4: Compressor Characteristics
Pt. II: Application
Chapter. 5: Equipment Selection
Chapter. 6: Operation
Chapter. 7: Field Performance Testing
Chapter. 8: Troubleshooting
Chapter. 9: FlowMeters
Chapter. 10: Multi-section Compressors
Part. III: Reference Material
Appendix. A. Properties
Appendix. B. Mollier Diagrams
Appendix. C. Conversion Tables
Appendix. D. Permissible Deviations and Fluctuations
Appendix. E. Thermal Expansion Factor
Appendix. F. Surge Identification
Appendix. G. Glossary of Terms
Additional Reading
Compressor and Steam Turbine Performance Software

Author Details
"M. T. Gresh"

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