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Compressors and Modern Process Applications (Free PDF)

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The segregation of job functions into project, maintenance, administrative, operations, purchasing, and so on often leaves gaps in the sum total of the understanding needed to optimize the safety, reliability, and profitability of modern process plants. Yet, each of these job functions is known to have an influence on the business-related goals of an industrial facility. Therefore, a measure of knowledge of capital equipment and processes must be imparted to the various groups involved in the facility’s. Intelligent discourse must exist and certain basic facts must be accepted by the various parties.

Needless to say, compressors represent a multimillion dollar investment for many plants, and profitability can be neither reached nor sustained by organizations that neglect this critically important asset. This is clearly brought out in more detailed compressor texts; these are available and listed in the references. However, whereas these more detailed texts have often been recommended for and by machinery reliability professionals, a condensed overview of compressor design, operation, and maintenance is desired by other job functions and will thus be given in this book. This material will assist the very wide spectrum of readers whose process involvement brings them into contact with large process compressors. As an example and to run a smooth organization, terminology must be unified and misconceptions dispelled wherever they creep into our thinking. That is one of the aims of this book.

Illustration Credits and Photo Acknowledgments
Chapter 1. Positive Displacement Compressors
Chapter 2. Rotary Compressors as a Category
Chapter 3. Understanding Centrifugal Process Gas Compressors
Chapter 4. Power Transmission and Advanced Bearing Technology
Chapter 5. Centrifugal Compressor Performance
Chapter 6. Testing
Chapter 7. Application Considerations
Chapter 8. Using API-617 as a Purchase Specification for Centrifugal Compressors
Segment 1. Gas Processing
Segment 2. Refining Processes
Segment I3. Petrochemical Processes

Author Details
"Heinz P. Bloch"
Process Machinery Consulting
West Des Moines, Iowa

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