Thursday, June 27, 2019

Corrosion-Resistant Piping Systems (Free PDF)

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This work presents a step-by-step procedure for determining the most suitable piping material for any given situation. It describes all corrosion-resistant piping systems - including thermoset and thermoplastic, lined and metallic systems and miscellaneous systems such as glass, carbon and clay. A compatibility table for each piping system, compiling the corrosion resistance of over 175 common corrodents, is provided.

1. Piping Design Considerations.
2. Thermoplastic Piping Systems.
3. Thermoset Plastic Piping Systems.
4. Thermoplastic Lined Piping Systems.
5. Miscellaneous Lined Piping Systems.
6. Metallic Piping Systems.
7. Miscellaneous Piping Systems.
8. Double Containment Piping Systems.

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"Philip A. Schweitzer"

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