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Fundamentals and Applications of Analytical Chemistry in Natural Products

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This special issue is aimed at collecting together recent developments in the field of natural product analysis. This issue covers methodologies and applications as diverse as secondary metabolite identification to the detection of metals in food stuffs. The chemistry of natural products has gained prominence not only due to the on-going search for new bioactive substances but also in related areas such as food chemistry and chemical ecology.

We feel that this special issue represents some of the wide ranging research currently performed in this diverse area and this is exemplified by the affiliations of the authors of the papers included which is made up of chemists, biochemists, biologists, physicists, toxicologists, physiologists, pharmaceutists, and geochemists. What all of these researchers have in common, despite their wide ranging backgrounds, is the need to make use of the powerful techniques of analytical chemistry to analyze natural compounds in complex matrices. Thus, this special issue is dedicated to all the readers that would like to apply analytical chemistry for natural products analysis.

This issue presents ten papers, which describe either a specific analytical method for specific types of natural products, the use of natural compounds to aid analytical developments, or modern techniques for the analysis of metals in food stuffs and food quality control (a growing area of interest).

1. Fundamentals and Applications of Analytical Chemistry in Natural Products
2. Uptake of Seeds SecondaryMetabolites by Virola surinamensis Seedlings
3. Multilayer Films Electrodes Consisted of Cashew Gum and Polyaniline Assembled by the Layer-by-Layer Technique: Electrochemical Characterization and Its Use for Dopamine Determination
4. Spectrophotometric Determination of Iron(II) and Cobalt(II) by Direct, Derivative, and Simultaneous Methods Using 2-Hydroxy-1-Naphthaldehyde-p-Hydroxybenzoichydrazone
5. Chemical Constituents of Essential Oil from Lippia sidoides Cham. (Verbenaceae) Leaves Cultivated in HidrolΛ†andia, Goi´as, Brazil
6. Characterisation of Flavonoid Aglycones by Negative Ion Chip-Based Nanospray TandemMass
7. Application ofMonoclonal Antibodies against Bioactive Natural Products: Eastern Blotting and
Preparation of Knockout Extract
8. Concentration of Inorganic Elements Content in Benthic Seaweeds of Fernando de Noronha Archipelago by Synchrotron Radiation Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis (SRTXRF)
9. Development of a Novel Biosensor Using Cationic Antimicrobial Peptide and Nickel Phthalocyanine Ultrathin Films for Electrochemical Detection of Dopamine
10. Preliminary Assessment of the Chemical Stability of Dried Extracts from Guazuma ulmifolia Lam. (Sterculiaceae)
11. Apolar Compounds in Seaweeds fromFernando de Noronha Archipelago (Northeastern Coast of Brazil)

Author Details
"Norberto P. Lopes"

"Ernani Pinto"


"Paul J. Gates"

"Ricardo Vessecchi"

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