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GAS Turbine Combustion: Alternative Fuels and Emissions (3rd Edition)

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Developments in gas turbine technology continue to meet the propulsion, power, fuel efficiency, and low pollutant emissions needs of the twentyfirst century. Ten years have passed since the publication of the second edition, which continues to be widely used in many parts of the world. Professor Arthur Lefebvre passed away in 2003. Last year, when the publisher approached me with a proposal for preparing the third edition, I could not refuse. After all, Professor Lefebvre was my teacher, friend, and a coresearcher for 35 years; I was involved in numerous discussions during the writing of the first and second editions; and finally, I learned a great deal from all the material presented in the book.

The book has a clear purpose; it is directed primarily toward those who design, manufacture, and operate gas turbines in applications ranging from aeronautical to power generation. It serves as a graduate-level textbook, design manual, and research reference in the field of gas turbine combustion. The text is essentially self-contained and assumes only a modest prior knowledge of physics and chemistry. In preparation for the twenty-first century, the second edition was thoroughly revised and updated with numerous changes.

1. Basic Considerations
2. Combustion Fundamentals
3. Diffusers
4. Aerodynamics
5. Combustion Performance
6. Fuel Injection
7. Combustion Noise
8. Heat Transfer
9. Emissions
10. Alternative Fuels
Author Index
Subject Index

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"Arthur H. Lefebvre"
"Dilip R. Ballal"

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