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Handbook of Valves and Actuators: Valves Manual International

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Written specifically as a practical reference book for valve and actuator users, Valves Manual Intemational is intended to provide useful information about the outline design, selection and installation of valves and actuators and how these affect performance. Valves Manual International is not intended to be just "another" textbook on valves; rather it seeks to address the problems that exist at the interface between valve manufacturers and users. It has been compiled with the help of and benefit from the practical experience of valve users; it is aimed at everyone who has technical problems as well as these wanting to know who supplies what, and from where.

Valves Manual International can be used in a variety of ways depending on the information required. For specific problems it is probably best used as a reference book. The detailed Contents section at the front of the book, combined with the Index at the end, will simplify finding the appropriate topic. The "Useful references" at the end of most Chapters also provide helpful guidance, useful information and suggestions for further reading. As a textbook though, Valves Manual International may be read from cover to cover to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the subject. Of course, individual Chapters may be studied separately.

Foreword, Page III, Ian Leitch
The editor
Using this book
1 - Definitions and abbreviations
2 - Properties of fluids
3 - Isolating valves
4 - Non-return valves
5 - Regulators
6 - Control valves
7 - Safety relief valves
8 - Valve and piping sizing
9 - Piping and connectors
10 - Noise in valves
11 - Valve stem sealing
12 - Actuators
13 - Valve materials
14 - Instrumentation and ancillaries
15 - Quality, inspection and testing
16 - Standards and specifications
17 - Installation and maintenance
18 - Some applications and solutions
19 - Valve and acutuator selection
20 - Fluid properties & conversions
21 - Buyers' guide
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Author Details
"Brian Nesbitt"

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