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Horizontal Well Technology (Free PDF)

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Reservoir engineers, drilling engineers, geologists, and production engineers will find this well-researched book most helpful. The author draws from his extensive experience in horizontal operations around the world and provides you with a thorough understanding of horizontal well technology basics. The author presents history of the technology, recent developments, and basic drilling concepts. In addition, he discusses factors influencing horizontal well performance, such as naturally fractured reservoirs, inaccessible locations, drilling attic oil, drilling through faults and relief wells. The author includes field histories and analyses of productivity and performance.

Chapter 1: Overview of Horizontal Well Technology
Chapter 2: Reservoir Engineering Concepts
Chapter 3: Steady-State Solutions
Chapter 4: Influence of well Eccentricity
Chapter 5: Comparison of Horizontal and Fractured vertical Wells
Chapter 6: Transient Well Testing
Chapter 7: pseudo-Steady State Flow
Chapter 8: Water and Gas Coming in Vertical Horizontal Wells
Chapter 9: Horizontal Wells in Gas Reservoirs
Chapter 10: Pressure Drop Through a Horizontal Well
Appendix A. Petroleum Fluid Properties
Appendix B. Gas Compressibility Factor
Appendix C. Conversion Factors
Appendix D. The Calculation of Pseudo-Skin Factors
Appendix E. Recovery Factory
Appendix. Glossary
Index Equation Index

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"S. D. Joshi"

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