Thursday, June 13, 2019

IADC Drilling Manual (Free PDF)

File Size: 21.70 Mb

Chapter A - Bit Classification and Grading
Chapter B - Drill String
Chapter C - Casing and Tubing
Chapter D - Drill Collars, Kellys, Subs and Heavy Weight Drill Pipe
Chapter E - Pipe Handling Equiptment
Chapter F - Drawworks Brakes
Chapter G - Chains and Sprockets
Chapter H - Rotary Hose and Swivels
Chapter I - Engines
Chapter J - Pumps
Chapter K - Well Control Equipment and Procedures
Chapter L - Derricks and Masts
Chapter M - Wire Rope
Chapter N - Lubrication
Chapter O - Drilling Fluids
Chapter P - Hole Deviation and Horizontal Drilling
Chapter R - Hydraulics
Chapter T - Cementing
Chapter U - Electric Drilling Rigs
Chapter V - General Information
Chapter Y - Drilling Mud Processing
Chapter Z - Glossary

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