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Industrial Pigging Technology: Fundamentals, Components, Applications

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The idea of pigging is both ingenious and simple. Pigging technology, discovered and developed originally by the oil industry more than 100 years ago, has since conquered many other fields.

The term pigging is primarily associated with cleaning. Pigging, however, is more than just cleaning. In the meantime, numerous other fields have been developed for pigging. Pigs can inspect, detect, repair, measure, and check. In many applications pigging has become indispensible: in sterile and food technologies; in the pharmaceutical, life sciences, and cosmetics industries; and in pipeline technology.

Furthermore, pigging contributes significantly to environmental protection. Resources are conserved, energy consumption is lowered, and the wastewater load is reduced. When used correctly pigging results in minimization of capital expenditures. Operating costs are lowered as a result of the reduced wastewater load.

This book gives an overview of the fundamental possibilities of and limits to pigging technology. Additionally, the technical, economic, and quality-oriented operational criteria for the use of a pigging system are described.

I. Fundamental Principles of Pigging Technology
1. Introduction to Pigging Technology
2. Pigging Units and Pigging Systems
II. Components
3. Pigs
4. Valves
5. Pipework
6. Additional Equipment
7. Propellants
8. Control System
III. Applications
9. Decision Criteria for Pigging
10. Cleaning Degree after Pigging
11. Pig Wear
12. Medium-Specific Characteristics
13. Checks before Start-up
14. Experiences with Pigging Units
15. Applications in the Chemical Industry
16. Pigging Units for Sterile Technology
17. Pipeline Pigging
18. Pigging of Pneumatic Conveying Lines for Bulk Materials
IV. Law and Regulation
19. Legal Requirements
20. Safety and Occupation Health

Author Details
"Gerhard Hiltscher"

"Wolfgang Muhlthaler"

"Jorg Smits"

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