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Java Fundamentals for Android Development (version 7)

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This “Java fundamentals for Android™ development” e-book is a detailed guide that provides the basics to understand the Java programming concept. It is a combination of theoretical and practical guide that covers skills and knowledge every developer should learn before starting the Android development course.

Lesson 1: First Step in Java
1. The History of Java
2. How Java Programs work?
3. Install Java JDK and JRE
4. Why did Google choose Java over other programming languages?
5. Android OS Structure
6. Install Android Studio
Lesson 2: Create and Run Java Projects
1. Creating an Android Project (Java Project) Using Android Studio
2. Writing a Java Program
3. Java Methods
4. Running a Java Program
5. Write a Comment
6. Java Variables and Their Data Type
Lesson 3: Control Flow Statements
1. Introduction
2. IF – Else Statement
3. If…Else and Else…If... Statement
4. If Else and Logical Operators
5. Switch Statement
6. While Loop
7. Do-while Loop
8. For Loop
9. The Break Statement
10. The Continue Statement
Lesson 4: Methods and Arrays
1. Introduction
2. Method Structure
3. Call Method by Value
4. Call Method by Reference
5. Arrays
6. Enter Data to a Java Program
7. Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Concepts
8. Java Class

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