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Java Structures: Data Structures in Java for the Principled Programmer (7th Edition)

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In your hand is a special edition of Java Structures designed for use with two semesters of Williams’ course on data structures, Computer Science 136. This version is only marginally different than the preceding edition, but is positioned to make use of Java 5 (the trademarked name for version 1.5 of the JDK). Because Java 5 may not be available (yet) on the platform you use, most of the code available in this book will run on older JDK’s. The one feature that would not be available is Java’s new Scanner class from the java.util package; an alternative is my ReadStream class, which is lightly documented in Section B.3.1 on page 494. It is a feature of the structure package soon to be removed.

In making this book available in this paperbound format, my hope is that you find it a more inviting place to write notes: additions, subtractions, and updates that you’re likely to have discussed in class. Sometimes you’ll identify improvements, and I hope you’ll pass those along to me. In any case, you can download the software (as hundreds of thousands have done in the past) and modify it as you desire.

Preface to First Edition
Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the “Root 7” Edition
0. Introduction
1. The Object-Oriented Method
2. Comments, Conditions, and Assertions
3. Vectors
4. Generics
5. Design Fundamentals
6. Sorting
7. A Design Method
8. Iterators
9. Lists
10. Linear Structures
11. Ordered Structures
12. Binary Trees
13. Priority Queues
14. Search Trees
15. Maps
16. Graphs
A. Answers
B. Beginning with Java
C. Collections
D. Documentation

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"Duane A. Bailey"

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