Monday, June 24, 2019

KOBELCO welding Handbook (Free PDF)

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In recent years, we have found some other companies’ products that have the same brand names as ours and false certificates that misrepresent our company’s certificates in Japan and the Asian countries.

In order to cope with this problem, we have taken legal actions against the impostors that could be verified and have required them to change their product names. However, it is difficult in the traditional product designation system to protect all of our products from imitation. Hence, we have established the new designation system of welding consumable to ensure the trademark right in main countries and to make our products identifiable more clearly, in which the particular group brand name, “Trademark,” is put on the head of an individual “Product name.”

The new designation system is not only to prevent counterfeit products in Japan and overseas countries, but also to prevent our customers and users from suffering such a trouble in terms our products.

1. Lists of Welding Consumables
2. For Mild Steel and 490MPa High Tensile Strength Steel
3. For Weather Proof Steel
4. For High Tensile Strength Steel and Low Temperature Steel
5. For Heat-Resistant Steel
6. For Stainless Steel
7. For Hardfacing
8. For Cast Iron
9. For 9%Ni Steel and Nickel-Based Alloy
10. Highly Efficient Welding Processes

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