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Liquid Pipeline Hydraulics (Free PDF)

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This book presents liquid pipeline hydraulics as it applies to transportation of liquids through pipelines in a single-phase steady state environment. It serves as a practical handbook for engineers, technicians, and others involved in design and operation of pipelines transporting liquids. Existing books on the subject are mathematically rigorous and theoretical but lack practical applications. Using this book, engineers can better understand and apply the principles of hydraulics to their daily work in the pipeline industry without resorting to complicated formulas and theorems. Numerous examples from my experience are included to illustrate application of pipeline hydraulics.

The application of hydraulics to liquid pipelines involves an understanding of various properties of liquids, the concept of pressure, friction, and calculation of the energy required to transport liquid from point A to point B through a pipeline. You will not find rigorous mathematical derivation of formulas in this book. The formulas necessary for calculations are presented and described without using calculus or complex mathematical methods. The reader interested in how the formulas and equations are derived should refer to the books and other publications in the References section.

1. Introduction
2. Properties of Liquids
3. Pressure Drop due to Fr
4. Pipe Analysis
5. Pressure and Horsepower Required
6. Multi-Pump Station Pipelines
7. Pump Analysis
8. Pump Station Design
9. Thermal Hydraulics
10. Flow Measurement
11. Unsteady Flow in Pipelines
12. Pipeline Economics
Appendix A: Tables and Charts
Appendix B: Answers to Selected Problems
Appendix C: Summary of Formulas

Author Details
"E.Shashi Menon"
SYSTEK Technologies, Inc.
Lake Havasu City, Arizona, U.S.A.

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