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Maximum Boost: Designing, Testing and Installing Turbocharger Systems

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Maximum Boost is the definitive book on Turbocharging. This hands-on book gives you the most detailed information available on understanding designing, setting up, testing and modifying your car with a turbocharging system. Find out what really works and what doesn't, what turbo is right for your needs and what type of setup will give you that extra horsepower. The author shows you how to select and install the right turbo, how to prep the engine, test the systems, integrate a turbo with and electronic fuel injection system or carburetor and even gives detailed troubleshooting information for both OEM and aftermarket turbocharging systems.

You will find valuable information on the following:
-Essentials of turbo system design-- including sizing the turbo, intercooling, fuel system tweaks, preparing the engine, intake and exhaust design
-Evaluating and installing an aftermarket turbo kit
-Improving your current turbocharged system
-Designing and installing your own custom system

Whether you're interested in better performance on the road or extra horsepower to be a winner. This book will give you the knowledge to get the most out of your engine and its turbocharging system.

Chapter 1: An Engineering Look At The Basics
Chapter 2: Acquiring A Turbocharged Vehicle
Chapter 3: Selecting The Turbocharger
Chapter 4: Turbocharger Lubrication
Chapter 5: Intercooling
Chapter 6: Intake Manifold
Chapter 7: Electronic Fuel Ingection
Chapter 8: Carburetion
Chapter 9: Events In The Chamber
Chapter 10: Exhaust Manifold
Chapter 11: Exhaust Systems
Chapter 12: Boost Controls
Chapter 13: Preparing The Engine
Chapter 14: Testing The System
Chapter 15: Trouble
Chapter 16: Developments In Turbocharging
Chapter 17: Bringing It All Together
Chapter 18: Installing A Turbo Kit

Author Details
"Corky Bell" was born in Albuquerque and raised somewhere between Illinois, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, New mexico, and Europe. After receiving a degree in mechanical engineering from Texas A&M, he worked as an engineer at Bell Helicopter for twelve years. He opened Cartech in Dallas in 1977, after his interest in turbocharging grew form a hobby into a business.

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