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Mechanics and Strength of Materials (Free PDF)

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The motivation for writing this book came from an awareness of the lack of a treatise, written in European Portuguese, which contains the theoretical material taught in the disciplines of the Mechanics of Solid Materials and the Strength of Materials, and explained with a degree of depth appropriate to Engineering courses in Portuguese universities, with special reference to the University of Coimbra. In fact, this book is the result of the theoretical texts and exercises prepared and improved on by the author between 1989-94, for the disciplines of Applied Mechanics II (Introduction to the Mechanics of Materials) and Strength of Materials, taught by the author in the Civil Engineering course and also in the Geological Engineering, Materials Engineering and Architecture courses at the University of Coimbra.

A physical approach has been favoured when explaining topics, sometimes rejecting the more elaborate mathematical formulations, since the physical understanding of the phenomena is of crucial importance for the student of Engineering. In fact, in this way, we are able to develop in future Engineers the intuition which will allow them, in their professional activity, to recognize the difference between a bad and a good structural solution more readily and rapidly.

The book is divided into two parts. In the first one the Mechanics of Materials is introduced on the basis of Continuum Mechanics, while the second one deals with basic concepts about the behaviour of materials and structures, as well as the Theory of Slender Members, in the form which is usually called Strength of Materials.

Part I: Introduction to the Mechanics of Materials
I. Introduction
II. The Stress Tensor
III. The Strain Tensor
IV. Constitutive Law
Part II: Strength of Materials
V. Fundamental Concepts of Strength of Materials
VI. Axially Loaded Members
VII. Bending Moment
VIII. Shear Force
IX. Bending Deflections
X. Torsion
XI. Structural Stability
XII. Energy Theorems

Author Details
"Vitor Dias da Silva"

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