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Model Boilers and Boilermaking (Free PDF)

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It is more than 60 years since the late E. L. Pearce's excellent little handbook "Model Boilermaking" first appeared; it went through many editions but has long been out of print. Naturally, in the interim, many developments have taken place.

This book is in the nature of an attempt somewhat to expand the original book, and so far as possible to bring the subject up-to-date.

I have endeavoured to provide such information and statistical data, as will enable any intelligent model engineer to design a boiler to meet his own particular requirements, with a reasonable assurance that it will do the job for which it has been designed successfully and efficiently.

Model Boilers are, To a large extent, he Cinderellas of model engineering; I think that the principal reasons for this are twofold.

Firstly, there is a great paucity of information about them. Secondly, with the average model engineer, the engine usually comes first, and by the time this is finished and he gets around to making the boiler, he is, quite understandably, in a hurry to see results, and he decides that almost any old receptacle that will boil water and is reasonably steamtight will do.

Chapter 1: General Considerations-Fundamental Principles of Functioning-Combustion and evaporation-Efficiency of model Boilers-Primary features of design to produce an efficient boiler-Notes on "Scale" and its effects in model Work
Chapter 2: Constructional Materials and their physical Properties-Calculations relating to safe working Pressures general relative Proportions (Structural).
Material, Calculations relating to safe working pressures, general data on design
Chapter 3: Types of Boilers
Chapter 4: Practical Methods of construction-Flanging and forming plates-Setting out-Annealing-Riveting
Chapter 5: Fuels and Firing Methods
Chapter 6: Boiler Mountings and fittings Safety Valves, Water gauges, Pressure Gauges, Stop Valves,Steam Fountains, Clack valves, blow-down Valves, Regulators, Domes, Steam Collectors, separators
Chapter 7: Testing Model Boilers-Test Pressures-Methods of testing
Chapter 8: Tube proportions-Spacing and layout, Superheaters and feedwater heaters
Chapter 9: Model locomotive-type boilers
Appendix. Boiler Design

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"K. N. Harris"

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