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Non-Boiling Heat Transfer in Gas- Liquid Flow in Pipes – a Tutorial

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In this tutorial the fundamentals of non-boiling heat transfer in two-phase twocomponent gas-liquid flow in pipes are presented. The techniques used for the determination of the different gas-liquid flow patterns (flow regimes) in vertical, horizontal, and inclined pipes are reviewed. The validity and limitations of the numerous heat transfer correlations that have been published in the literature over the past 50 years are discussed. The extensive results of the recent developments in the non-boiling twophase heat transfer in air-water flow in horizontal and inclined pipes conducted at Oklahoma State University’s Heat Transfer Laboratory are presented. Practical heat transfer correlations for a variety of gas-liquid flow patterns and pipe inclination angles are recommended.

* Introduction
* Nomenclature
* Definitions of Variables Used in Two-Phase Flow
* Flow Patterns and Maps
* Measurement Techniques
* Measurement of Pressure Drop
* Measurement of Void Fraction
* Measurement of Heat Transfer Coefficient
* Finite Difference Formulation
* Calculation of the Local Peripheral and Local Average Heat Transfer Coefficients
* Overall Mean Heat Transfer Coefficient
* Physical Properties of the Working Fluids
* Data Reduction
* Oklahoma State University’s Heat Transfer Laboratory Research in Two-Phase Flow
* Comparison of Non-Boiling Two-Phase Heat Transfer Correlations with Experimental Data
* Development of a New Heat Transfer Correlation
* Robust Heat Transfer Correlation for Turbulent Gas-Liquid Flow in Vertical and Horizontal Pipes
* Experimental Setup and Data Reduction for Horizontal and Slightly Upward Inclined Pipe Flows
* Flow Patterns
* Heat Transfer Correlations for Horizontal and Inclined Slug and Annular Flows
* Future Plans
* Acknowledgment
* References

Author Details
"A. J. Ghajar"
School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Oklahoma State University

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