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Pipeline Risk Management Manual: Ideas, Techniques, and Resources (3rd Edition)

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The first edition of this book was written at a time when formal risk assessments of pipelines were fairly rare. To be sure, there were some repairheplace models out there, some maintenance prioritization schemes, and the occasional regulatory approval study, but, generally, those who embarked on a formal process for assessing pipeline risks were doing so for very specific needs and were not following a prescribed methodology.

The situation is decidedly different now. Risk management is increasingly being mandated by regulations. A risk assessment seems to be the centerpiece of every approval process and every pipeline litigation. Regulators are directly auditing risk assessment programs. Risk management plans are increasingly coming under direct public scrutiny.

Risk Assessment at a Glance
Chapter 1: Risk: Theory and Application
Chapter 2: Risk Assessment Process
Chapter 3: Third-party Damage Index
Chapter 4: Corrosion Index
Chapter 5: Design Index
Chapter 6: Incorrect Operations Index
Chapter 7: Leak Impact Factor
Chapter 8: Data Management and Analyses
Chapter 9: Additional Risk Modules
Chapter 10: Service Interruption Risk
Chapter 11: Distribution Systems
Chapter 12: Offshore Pipeline Systems
Chapter 13: Stations and Surface Facilities
Chapter 14: Absolute Risk Estimates
Chapter 15: Risk Management
Appendix A. Typical Pipeline Products
Appendix B. Leak Rate Determination
Appendix C. Pipe Strength Determination
Appendix D. Surge Pressure Calculations
Appendix E. Sample Pipeline Risk Assessment Algorithms
Appendix F. Receptor Risk Evaluation
Appendix G. Examples of Common Pipeline Inspection and Survey Techniques

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"W. Kent Muhlbauer"

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