Friday, June 28, 2019

Piping Hot Curves: Accent Curves in Quilts with piping

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Accent curves with piping! Detailed instructions, illustrations, and photos will teach you to make perfect piping, add it to curved designs and avoid curved piecing! Use the Piping Hot Curves technique and this book's patterns and /or incorporate piping into your own curved designs.

Here is some of what's covered:
* making tiny piping that will pop in your quilt
* using freezer paper as a piping placement guide
* sewing piped shapes to background so stitches don't show
* choosing threads to make the task easier
* impressive gallery of inspiration including some international award-winning quilts

Acknowledgements *Thanks *Dedication
1. Introduction
2. Supplies & Equipment
3. Perfect Piping
4. The Technique *Piping Hot Curves
5. Cutting Basics
6. Plain Binding
7. Project * Windows
8. Project * Piping Hot Macaroni
9. Project * Piping Hot Lanterns
10. Project * Eye of the piper
11. Project * Square Peg Round Hole
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Susan K. Cleveland

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