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Pro/PIPING (Spec-Driven) Help Topic Collection: Parametric Technology Corporation

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Pro/PIPING is an optional Pro/ENGINEER module. Accessed through Assembly mode, Pro/PIPING enables you to generate 3D piping systems in Pro/ENGINEER assemblies. You can create piping systems in either the specification-driven or non specificationdriven piping design modes. Creating a piping system involves establishing pipeline parameters, routing lines, and inserting fittings.

1. Pro/PIPING (Specification-Driven)
2. Using Pro/PIPING (Specification-Driven)
3. Configuring Pro/PIPING (Specification-Driven)
4. Setting Up Pro/PIPING (Specification-Driven)
5. Specification-Driven Piping Assemblies
6. Specification-Driven Pipelines
7. Specification-Driven Pipeline Routing
8. Specification-Driven Fitting Insertion
9. Specification-Driven Pipeline Modification
10. Specification-Driven Pipe Fabrication
11. Schematic-Driven Pipeline Modeling
12. Specification-Driven Pipe Drawing
14. Specification-Driven Pipe Reporting

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