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Real-Time Weld Process Monitoring (Free PDF)

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The book is devoted to real-time monitoring of welding processes. Carefully selected leading experts around the world will introduce relatively established methodologies/techniques which have been developed, applied, or commercialized to provide effective solutions to various applications. They will also present state-of-the-art developments toward improved or nextgeneration technologies. There is no doubt that the rapid developments in micro-electronics and microprocessors have allowed engineers and researchers to develop more effective technologies to monitor welding processes in difficult environments through ways that are better, more accurate, and more robust. Although these established as well as newly explored, cutting-edge monitoring technologies will be discussed in detail through the book, I wish to take this opportunity to express my personal views on some questions the reader may ask before committing his or her valuable time to reading the book. I imagine that such questions would center around two fundamental issues: why should a welding process be monitored and how can they be effectively monitored? To answer these questions, I would like to begin by arguing that the welding process is a very complex system.

1. An analysis of welding process monitoring and control
Part I Monitoring technologies
2. Arc sensors in weld monitoring
3. Optical sensors in welding
4. Infrared sensors in welding
5. Ultrasonic sensors in welding
Part II Monitoring of welding processes
6. Weld seam monitoring
7. Weld profile monitoring
8. Weld penetration monitoring
9. Weld pool surface monitoring
10. Monitoring resistance welding
11. Monitoring laser welding

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"YuMing Zhang"

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