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Sacred Mathematics: Japanese Temple Geometry (Free PDF)

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When I became a high school mathematics teacher forty years ago, I studied the history of Western mathematics and would present some of this historical material to my students. In those days, it was said that traditional Japanese mathematics had no material of any value for high school students. In 1969, a teacher of traditional Japanese literature showed me a traditional Japanese mathematics book printed in 1815 from wooden blocks. He asked me to decipher the book since it was written in difficult old Japanese. When I finished deciphering it, I found that traditional Japanese mathematics of the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries had much good material for high school students. In those centuries Japan closed its doors to the outer world and many native cultures developed, one of which was traditional Japanese mathematics. In Japan in that era, there was no official academia, so mathematics was developed not only by scholars but also by ordinary people. Lovers of mathematics dedicated to shrines and temples the wooden tablets on which mathematics problems were written. We call this mathematical world “Japanese temple geometry.” The mathematics lovers who formed this world enjoyed solving geometry problems. The present authors hope that readers of this book will also find enjoyment in trying to solve some of those same problems.

Foreword by Freeman Dyson
Preface by Fukagawa Hidetoshi
Preface by Tony Rothman
Ac know ledg ments
What Do I Need to Know to Read This Book?
1. Japan and Temple Geometry
2. The Chinese Foundation of Japa nese Mathematics
3. Japa nese Mathematics and Mathematicians of the Edo Period
4. Easier Temple Geometry Problems
5. Harder Temple Geometry Problems
6. Still Harder Temple Geometry Problems
7. The Travel Diary of Mathematician Yamaguchi Kanzan
8. East and West
9. The Mysterious Enri
10. Introduction to Inversion
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