Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Standard Boiler Operator's Questions and Answers (Free PDF)

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This book attempts to look inside boilers, beyond the pressure switches that cycle a boiler on and off, and into the many factors such as types of boilers, methods of construction, Code requirements, fuels, firing, programs of operation, safety controls, safety devices, possible causes of malfunction, methods of repair, maintenance, feedwater treatment, state laws, and the many other features that can affect a boiler, and the operator or owner-user involved with boilers, in his daily business.

Chapter 1: Usage and Application
Chapter 2: Heat Transfer and Design
Chapter 3: Fire-Tube Boilers
Chapter 4: Water-tube Boilers
Chapter 5: Cast-Iron and Heating Boilers
Chapter 6: Special Boilers
Chapter 7: Construction: Methods of Joining
Chapter 8: Pressure, Stresses, and Forces
Chapter 9: Boiler Strength Calculations
Chapter 10: Fuels, Firing, and Combustion
Chapter 11: Combustion safeguards and Controls
Chapter 12: Instruments and Controls
Chapter 13: Safety Appurtenances
Chapter 14: Boiler Operation
Chapter 15: Boiler-water Treatment
Chapter 16: Maintenance, Inspection, and Repair
Chapter 17: Nuclear Power Reactors
Chapter 18: Boiler-room Management

Author Details
"Stephen M. Elonka"

"Anthony L. Kohan"

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