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Standard Symbols for Welding, Brazing, and Nondestructive Examination

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This Standard Establishes a method of specifying certain welding, brazing, and nondestructive Examination Information by means of symbols. Detailed information and examples are provided for the construction and interpretation of these Symbols. This system provides a means of specifying welding or brazing operations and nondestructive examination, as well as the examination method, frequency, and extent.

List of Tables
List of Figures
Part A: Welding Symbols
1. Basic symbols
2. Basic Types of Joints
3. General Provisions
4. Groove welds
5. Fillet welds
6. Plug welds
7. Slot welds
8. Spot welds
9. Seam Welds
10. Edge welds
11. Stud Welds
12. Surfacing Welds
Part B: Brazing Symbols
13. Brazed Joints
Part C: Nondestructive Examination Symbols
14. Elements of the nondestructive examination Symbol
15. General provisions
16. Supplementary symbols
17. Specifications, Codes, and References
18. Extent, Location, and orientation of nondestructive examination
Annex A. Design of Standard Symbols (Inches)
Annex AM. Design of Standard Symbols (Millimeters)
Annex B. Commentary on AWS A2.4-98
Welding Symbol chart
Definitions and symbols Document list

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