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Steam Generators and Waste Heat Boilers For Process and Plant Engineers

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For over three decades, I was associated with boiler companies designing oil- and gas-fired custom package boilers and waste heat boilers that are in operation worldwide in chemical plants, refineries, cogeneration systems, and power plants. The boilers have been operating well and performing as predicted within the margin of measurement errors. As a specialist in thermal design of heat transfer equipment and out of interest, I would correlate field data from operating units with predicted performance to check the correction factors to be incorporated in heat transfer or gas pressure drop correlations that were used for designing the boilers. I would review operating data such as boiler exit gas temperature, steam generation, fuel input, gas pressure drop, evaporator, superheater performance, their tube wall temperatures, and other process-related parameters and compare the results with predicted data. Over the years this has helped me to fine-tune the calculation procedure and modify the correction factors used in the performance evaluation of various heat transfer surfaces. Through the publication of hundreds of articles during this period, I have also been sharing thermal design procedures for boilers and HRSGs with the engineering community. I have written a few books, the recent being Industrial Boilers and HRSGs, where the emphasis was on sizing and performance evaluation of steam generator and waste heat boiler components.

1. Combustion Calculations
2. Steam Generator Furnace Design
3. Steam Generators
4. Waste Heat Boilers
5. HRSG Simulation
6. Miscellaneous Boiler Calculations
Appendix A: Boiler Design and Performance Calculations
Appendix B: Tube-Side Heat Transfer Coefficients and Pressure Drop
Appendix C: Heat Transfer Coefficients Outside Plain Tubes
Appendix D: Nonluminous Heat Transfer Calculations
Appendix E: Calculations with Finned Tubes
Appendix F: Properties of Gases
Appendix G: Quiz on Boilers and HRSGs with Answers
Conversion Factors

Author Details
"V. Ganapathy" is a consultant on steam generators and waste heat boilers based in Chennai, India. He has over 40 years of experience in the engineering of steam generators and waste heat boilers with emphasis on thermal design, performance, and heat transfer aspects. He also develops custom software on boiler design and performance.

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