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Strength of Materials, Part 1: Elementary Theory and Problems, (2nd Edition)

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In Preparing the second Edition off this volume, an Effort has been made to adaot the book to the teaching Requirements of our engineering schools.

With this in view, a portion of the material of a more advanced character which was contained in the previous edition of this volume had been removed and will be included in the new edition of the second volume. At the same time, some portions of the book, which were only briefly discussed in the first edition, have been expanded with the intention of making the book easier to read for the beginner, For this reason, Chapter II, Dealing with combined stresses, has been entirely rewritten. Also , the portion of the book dealing with shearing force and bending moment diagrams has been expanded, and a considerable amount of material had been added to the discussion of deflection curves bu the integration method. A discussion of deflection curves by the integration method. A discussion of Column theory and its application had been included in chapter VIII, Since this subject is usually required in undergraduate courses of strength of materials. Several additions have been made to Chapter X dealing with the application of stain energy methods to the solution of statically indetermined problems. In various parts of the book there are many new problems which may be useful for class and home work.

I. Tension and Compression within the Elastic Limit
II. Analysis of Stress and Strain
III. Shearing Force and bending Moment
IV. Stresses In Transversally Loaded Beams
V. Deflection of Transversally Loaded Beams
VI. Statically Indeterminate Problems In Bending
VII. Beams of Variable Cross Section. Beams or two Materials
VIII. Combined Bending and tension or Compression; Theory of Columns
IX. Torsion and Combined Bending and Torsion
X. Energy of Strain
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"Stephen Timoshenko"

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